How To Remove Linoleum From Hardwood Floor

You just started trying to become handier, but still, you are a newbie. You want to remove the tile & linoleum adhesive to discover the nice hardwood surface. But the heck is only the super sticky, gummy, spiderweb-like adhesive that won’t come off. 

Fortunately, you can pick up those sticky linoleum glues from the wood surface using a chisel and hammer, a heat gun, and a steam cleaner. After applying any of these tools to the surface, use a solvent on the floor. Let it sit and scrape the glue residue to clean the linoleum optimally. 

Continue to read this guide on how to remove linoleum from the hardwood floor to learn how to use those tools effectively.

How To Remove Linoleum From Hardwood Floor: 7 Alternative Ways

Removing the linoleum glue from the wood surface is painful. But it’s a must to remove the adhesive if you want to renovate the flooring. And this chapter will help you to learn how to tile & linoleum adhesive paper from the wood floor. 

Linoleum flooring has multiple layers. The top layer of Linoleum floors can be easily removed with a utility knife and scraper. Make sure you use a good-quality utility knife with sharp blades, this knife works well at a 45-degree angle. For the lower layers, heating can be used to soften the glue and then removed with the scraper. A heat gun is an option for heating the layers, alternatively, you can use a hairdryer.

01. Apply Goo Gone

Goo Gone works like a charm to remove stubborn glue-like linoleum glue from the hardwood floors. Firstly, apply the Goo Gone Original liquid to the linoleum glued area. Then, leave the affected area for 3-5 minutes to let it sit. Secondly, use a white cloth to clean up the glue from your wood surfaces. Finally, rinse the hardwood floor with hot soapy water. 

02. Use a chisel and hammer

The years of your flooring might be 3-5 years and you want to change it now. So, you remove the wood planks or blocks from the surface. But the heck is- the construction adhesives that keep the planks into place have cured during these years. You can start the glue removing journey with a chisel and a hammer.

A flooring chisel will help you to scrape away small glue leftover parts. So, we recommend using the combination of chisel and hammer to pick up linoleum glue from your entire wood surface. Keep in mind; you scrape the glued area gently, not roughly. Otherwise, it will damage the original hardwood surface.

03. Try Out the Solution of Hot Water & Vinegar

Why don’t you try the old-timer’s solution to handle the linoleum glue? Yes, we talk about the vinegar & hot water solution. Make a solution of hot water and vinegar. Then, dip a cloth into the solution. Next, score the linoleum up a bit and lay the rug or cloth on the glued area. Leave it there for an hour. Finally, scrape up with a masonry putty knife. 

04. Use A Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner, especially the wallpaper steamer, will work like a champ to pick up the linoleum adhesive from the hardwood surface. Fill the steamer with water, turn it on, and let it heat. Once the steamer is ready, place the steamer plate over the glued area. Allow the steam to seep into the glue, which will soften the adhesive. Now, use a credit card to scrape the glued leftover and use a rag to remove the adhesive residue. Continue to steam, scrape, and wipe until you cover the entire room.

05. Use A Heat Gun

Like a wallpaper steam remover, a heat gun also works well in removing the linoleum adhesive. The heat produced from it will break down the glue and make the old brittle linoleum more stable. As a result, you can pull it up with ease. 

However, you should be careful not to apply direct heat to what you have pulled up already. Otherwise, the area will tear up if it gets heat instantly. Once you remove the linoleum, you should have a paper backer to deal with it. Generally, it is water-based. 

Now, use an old towel or cardboard and lay it down on the ground, soak it with water, and leave it for several hours. Finally, scrape off the linoleum adhesive using something flat like a credit card. 

06. Use A Razor Floor Scraper

If you are ready to burn some calories, get a razor floor scraper to remove the linoleum from your wooden floor. Yeah, it takes a lot of elbow grease and time but it’s worth your sweat. Just use the razor floor scraper and start scraping the glued area. Once you scrape the entire floor, just wipe away the residue from the surface. 

07. Try A flat-bladed shovel

You know that cleaning the linoleum adhesive from the surface is a hassle. But if you have the right tool in your hand, it will turn the hassle into pleasure. And a shovel with a flat blade is what you should get to remove the glue from the wood floor. 

Before scrapping the glue, sharpen the blade with a file. Then, start discarding the adhesive with the shovel. Once you cover the entire glued area, there will still be some leftover on the floor. Regarding this, you can use a solvent to break down the glue residue. Then, scrape off the leftover with something flat.


Removing the sticky & gummy linoleum adhesive from the wooden floor will not be a pain in your neck. The above process is also effective if you have vinyl flooring. Just follow any of the alternative methods we mentioned above to scrape off the glue. If still, you struggle to remove the tile glue, hire a professional to do this task for you. But we bet you can clean the linoleum adhesive following those glue removing methods. Happy DIY glue eliminating journey! 

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