How to Clean Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors

Do you have Brazilian cherry hardwood floors or just had addition and remodel the floor finish? The Brazilian cherry floor surface looks beautiful and lasts longer. But the downside is- this flooring type gets dirty easily. 

The best way to clean Brazilian hardwood floors is to hand-wash the surface with a bucket of water and a damp mop. You can also use other homemade cleaning solutions like vinegar or commercial cleaner to pick up dirt, grime, and grease from the surface. 

Apart from those cleaning methods, we also described 4 alternative cleaning processes to clean the cherry wood surface to protect its finish. So, keep reading.

4 Impressive Ways To Clean Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors

This chapter will let you learn how to clean Brazilian hardwood floors to leave the floor dirt-free.

Mop with a terry cloth 

Picking up dirt, dust, and debris from the Brazilian cherry hardwood floor will be a piece of cake with a terry cloth. Just spray some drops of wax-free floor cleaner on the terry cloth and start scrubbing the cherry wood surface. You can give several passes with the terry cloth to suck away every speck of dirt & debris. Consider using a clean cloth before starting the cleaning.

Try out the solution of water & dish soap

This is one of the easy process and effective ways to clean the Brazilian cherry floor. You can also use a mixture of water and a few drops of dish dishwashing liquid. Make sure you pour a bucket of warm water and mix a few drops of dishwashing soap into it. Once you make a mixture, damp the mop into the solution.

Next, start mopping the floor evenly. Yeah, it puts a lot of elbow grease & time to clean the surface in this way. You can use a cotton rag to cover the larger area to make the process faster.

A microfiber mop is the best option for scratch-free cleaning and drying. Just make sure, you cleaned properly it before starting the cleaning process. Microfiber mops are lint-free and good for trapping oils and dust.

Use the solution of dilute vinegar & water

Alternatively, you can also try out the solution of diluting 1 cup of white vinegar with 7-8 liters of water to leave the Brazilian cherry flooring dirt-free. First off, pour a bucket of water and mix dilute vinegar in the water. Secondly, soak a damp cloth into the solution and start sweeping the floor with it.

You must squeeze out the excess liquid before sweeping. Once you finish the cleaning workflow, leave the surface to air-dry the floor.  At this point, you may consider using a dry towel to dry out the excessive water.

Apply Commercial Cleaner

If any homemade cleaning processes don’t work for you, you can try out the commercial hardwood floor cleaner. You can find a lot of hardwood surface cleaners in the market. We recommend not applying the commercial cleaner directly to the cherry wood surface. Spray the cleaner on the rug and use it to wipe away the surface.

Deep clean the grime buildup and heavy dirt

Take a sponge mop with cleaner. Before mopping take out the excess water by squeezing and mopping the floor in a circular motion.

Again rinse the mop and repeat the process. If you require excellent finished cherry wood floors need a deep cleaning to remove the dirty wax coating.

Deed cleaning is not a regular process, do it every year and reuse new wax coating to give your floor a new look. 

Some Important Points to Note

  • The beater bar is not recommended for Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring because it will create scratches on your cherry wood floor. 
  • If you are interested in using any cleaning tool, you may choose a suitable vacuum cleaner for your cherry hardwood floor
  • Regular cleaning is important and you shouldn’t leave dust on Brazilian cherry floors for more than 2-3 days, otherwise, it will damage your floor finish. Daily cleaning will prevent any types of damage caused by hard dust particles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you maintain cherry hardwood floors?

Maintaining the cherry hardwood floor is a must if you want to hold its beautiful look for a long time. Sweep and vacuum the floor regularly. Once a week, deep-clean the surface by using a dust mop. You can also wet-clean the cherry wood surface if there is sticky dirt on the floor. Lastly, wax the floor if any of the planks get damaged. 

Is Brazilian cherry wood good for flooring?

Yes, Brazilian cherry wood is suitable for flooring. This surface type is durable, shock-resistant, and beautiful to look at. However, it also has a downside. This floor accumulates dirt like crazy, and you need to sweep the floor often. 

Can you use a steam mop on Brazilian hardwood floors?

Yes, you can use a steam mop on Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring. But never hold the steam mop on the surface for a long time. Otherwise, the pressurized steam can dull the floor finish. 

Is Murphy’s oil soap good for hardwood floors?

Yes, Murphy’s oil soap is safe and effective to use on hardwood floors. Just mix a few drops of Murphy’s oil soap in a gallon of warm water. Then, wet the cloth into the solution and wash the surface with it.

Is Swiffer good for wood floors?

Yes, Swiffer cleaning products are good and effective in cleaning the dirt & debris from the wood floors. Just apply the right amount of solution to your floor and leave it for a few minutes to let it sit. Finally, rinse the surface with water. 

Is it better to use a mop or Swiffer?

A Swiffer sweeper is better for regular floor cleaning. But when it comes to deep cleaning the surface, you should use a mop to get rid of a lot of dirt, debris, and sticky messes. 

Can you damp-mop hardwood floors?

Yes, you can damp-mop the hardwood surfaces. But make sure there is no dripping water on the hardwood floor as it will damage the wood surface. When mopping, wring the mop evenly and sweep the surface. After wet-cleaning the floor, let it dry. 


Brazilian cherry hardwood floors are durable and beautiful. However, this floor attracts dirt & debris like a magnet. If you don’t clean the surface, the beautiful finish of this wood floor will start fading quickly. Follow the four alternative ways we mentioned to deep-clean the surface. 

The best suggestion to hold the finish for years to come is to sweep the floor regularly. It will prevent major dirt and dust buildup. If the hardwood floor planks get damaged, replace the damaged planks with a new ones. If you follow the above cleaning tips, your Brazilian cherry is likely to have a polyurethane finish for up to 8-10 years. 

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