Can I Use Pine Sol On Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood floors look great, feel great, and most importantly, can increase the market value of a house significantly. But they turn fragile without appropriate finishing and maintenance. Hardwood floors are tricky since they don’t respond to all sorts of cleaning procedures. So, if you’re wondering ‘can I use Pine Sol on hardwood floors?’, you have every right to do so.

Pine Sol won’t damage burnished hardwood floors with a good finish. The chemicals in the Pine Sol concoction can’t penetrate through the sealants and damage the raw wood underneath. So, you can freely use the Pine Sol variants to keep your laminated hardwood floors squeaky clean.

As you can see, there are a few obvious limitations in using Pine Sol to clean wooden floors. Let’s go over these limitations and preventative measures in today’s article.

Can I Use Pine Sol On Hardwood Floors?

You can use Pine Sol on treated and fully sealed hardwood floors but not on unfinished hardwood floors.

Without the presence of protective layers, Pine Sol is corrosive enough to eat away at the raw wood underneath. Additionally, you shouldn’t apply Pine Sol directly after laying down the protective coats either.

Let the sealants sit and settle down for a few days. If needed, gently sand the floors to ensure a smooth finish.

After the floor has been fully laminated and feels silky smooth, use Pine Sol to clean the surfaces as required. 

What About Engineered Hardwood Floors?

It’s okay to use Pine Sol on engineered hardwood floors as they’re not as fragile as the normal ones.

Unlike normal hardwood floors, the engineered ones go through significant heat and pressure treatments to enhance structural integrity and longevity. The heat treatment already works as somewhat of a protective layer for these floors.

And since Pine-Sol is a comparatively weak water-based cleaner, it can’t oxidize or damage the engineered surfaces.

How Can Pine Sol Benefit Hardwood Floors?

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Using Pine Sol can –

  • Clean the dirt, grime, etc. easily
  • Strengthen the existing protective layers
  • Reduce the chances of potential corrosion
  • Not corrode the sealants like oil-based cleaners
  • Reduce the workload by leaving no residue
  • Reinforce the shine and luster of the hardwood floors

Pine Sol Damage & Their Warning Signs

Here are a few warning signs you should watch out for!

Warning SignsMeaningSolution
Spots on the floorpotential bleaching or oxidationwash away the cleaning agents immediately
Warm cracklingsexposure to high temperaturekeep away from the sun/ refrain from using hot water
Extra slipperylack of aftercarewipe all residues of Pine Sol
Abrasive feelingpotential corrosionreseal the protective layers
Visible scratchesuse of harsh mops/towelsuse soft sponges or mops

Using Pine Sol On Hardwood Floors: Precautions

If you’re using Pine Sol on hardwood floors, you should –

  • Check for leaks in the protective layers
  • Dust off the visible dirt particles first
  • Refrain from using boiling water on the floors
  • Not be mixing other cleaning agents with Pine Sol

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Pine Sol with hot water on hardwood floors?

It’s not recommended to use Pine Sol with hot water on hardwood floors. The sudden temperature change can expand the wood and create subtle cracks all over the floor.

Will Pine Sol crack hardwood floors?

If used on raw wood without any protective layers, Pine Sol can penetrate and damage the floor easily. Long-term exposure will weaken the wood from within and crack it.

Which type of mop is best for hardwood floors?

Microfiber clothing towels are great for cleaning hardwood floors as they’re soft and wring out all the liquid.

Can I use a mixture of ammonia and Pine Sol to remove stain marks from hardwood floors?

No. Ammonia, vinegar, etc. substances are highly corrosive to hardwood floors. Even a diluted mixture can break down the layers of sealants and damage the wood underneath. 

Which Pine Sol is best for hardwood floors?

Users across the world credit the Original Pine as the best Pine Sol for hardwood floors. The lack of unnecessary additives or scented preservatives is a positive side.
The Original Pine, when used on laminated hardwood floors, does not cause any unwanted reaction. When used in a moderate amount, the concoction dries up quickly and also doesn’t leave any lingering hospital-like smell. 

Final Verdict

So, have you found the answer to the ‘can I use Pine Sol on hardwood floors?’ question just yet? The answer is simple.

Don’t use Pine Sol, or similar cleaning concoctions on raw wood as the chemicals in the solution can affect the floors. Only proceed with the presence of prerequisite sealants. Hardwood floors can wear down over time, so you’ll need to repair the protective layer every once in a while.

Refrain from cleaning with Pine Sol before the new layer has settled in completely. And don’t let the cleaning mixture sit on the floor for too long, with or without sealants.

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